About AB9

The 9 Filtration Mechanism and Natural Water Processing Mechanisms - Water can be consumed directly after processes, just like fresh natural water from the Alps!

A combination of advanced technology from US, Britain, Japan and Taiwan; and with precious natural substances
Complete removal of pollutants: Use of PP Filtering Device. Remove harmful substances in water, such as sediments, rust, sludge, etc.
Effective removal of heavy metals: Use of British High Performance Resin Filter. Removal of lime (softening water), harmful heavy metals (such as Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Sulfur) and oxides which may cause cancer.
Effective isolation of bacteria & viruses: Use of Japanese patented Ultra-Filtration Device. Filtration pores can be as tiny as 0.01 micron diameter, able to remove bacteria & viruses, such as E.coli, Dysentery, Salmonella, Cholera, Tuberculosis, etc.
Filtration of Chlorine, Algae and other chemicals: Use of All-in-One Super Activated Carbon Filtering Device. Remove chlorine, chemical contaminants, pesticides, industrial pollutants, bleach, pipe rust, & heavy metals. Effective inhibition of fungi and algae. Able to de-colorize and de-odorize water.
Reinforced Active Hydrogen Ion to enhance anti-oxidation & dissolution capability: Use of Nanoscale Activated Carbon with Hydrogen Ion Processing System. Reduced size water clusters and ionized minerals help maintain a stable negative ORP, stronger dissolving and penetration capability. Higher pH value can neutralize acidic body and remove free radicals. Moreover, it also absorbs and decomposes harmful chemical substances such as sulfide, nitride, methanol, benzene, phenol, etc.
Rich in minerals and trace elements; boosting immune system: Use of Precious Natural Thousands-Year Longevity Mineral Stone Water Treatment Device. Able to absorb chlorine and organic matters in water; supply a variety of minerals & trace elements. Able to regulate human immune system and kidney functions. “Sweeten” the taste of water.
Reduce size of water molecule clusters: Use of Nano-Energy Far Infrared Water Processing System. Able to reduce size of clusters of water molecule and rejuvenate the human body by enhancing oxygen and energy level, and body metabolism.
Realignment of water molecules: Use of High-Tech Magnetization Water Processing System. Enhance body absorption of water.
Rich in natural minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium: Use of Nano-Tech Extraction of Minerals from ocean pearls. Help neutralizing body acidity.