Product Specifications

Product Water Purification System
Model AB9001
Measurement 30(W) x 42(H) x 19.5(D) cm
For both table top or under the sink installation
*Gross Weight 8.5kg
Water Pressure 25psi - 40psi
**Max Process Vol. Appro. 5,600 Liters
Country of Origin
(Filters / Filter Materials)
US; UK; Japan; Taiwan

*Additional 8kg for accessories and pre-filters.
**Some filters have to be replaced if Max Process Vol. is reached.


  • Use tap water that meets the standard for drinking water.
  • The service lifespan of any filter in the product may vary; depending on water quality of the water source and usage.
  • Drink or use filtered water while it is fresh. Long exposure to the environment will nullify the filter’s effect with 2nd contamination.
  • Read Product Instruction Manual carefully before use.
  • Please follow the instruction to clean the filters with patented “Reverse Cleaning Device” in order to maintain the quality of filtered water and service lifespan of filters.
  • Please visit or any local authorized dealer for purchasing replacement filters.
  • The product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.