• Please do not spread water directly to wash this product.
  • Please use soft cloth to clean the surface.
  • When cleaning the product, do not use volatile solvent such as soap, detergent, thinning agent, gasoline, alcohol, or fissures as scratches and discoloring might be caused.
  • After the product has been used for a period of time,when the water flow reaches about 1500 Gallons (~5600 Liters),the Water Flow Cut-Off Control Device will be activated to cut off the supply of water. The product will stop working to remind the users to replace some of the filters. Please contact the local authorized dealer for filter replacement service in order to ensure the water quality. The new filters and its installation will be charged separately.
  • When the main tap water supply is suspended for whatever reason, please switch off the Water In valve(and water storage pressure barrel, if installed)immediately. When the water supply resumes, the water might contain mud, sand or impurities, and the water pressure produced might be high. Please use other faucet to drain the water for a while in order to get away all the mud, sand or impurities to avoid any potential damage to the product. The inlet valve of the water supply can only be switched on once the supplied water turns transparent again.
  • If the product will be idle for more than 5 days for whatever reasons, please switch off the inlet valve of the water supply before idling period. To resume water filtering processes, please turn on the “Energy Water A” faucet first, drain the water until it becomes transparent then turn it off. (It is normal if flotation appears in the water during the process of drainage). Afterwards, turn on the “Calcium-Ion Water B” faucet to drain the water for 20-30 seconds, then use the water.
  • For users who do not use “Calcium-Ion Water B” as frequent, it is suggested to drain the “Calcium ion Water B” for at least 30 seconds a week to flush the calcium-ion residue that might have been produced during the idling period.
  • During the water production or backwashing process, it is normal that sound and vibration might occur.
  • At place where there are pets and pests (like mice, cockroaches, and etc.),please pay extra attention to prevent the water pipes from being bitten or destroyed.